Unite Data

Defeat Inequalities

We believe that every development of Artificial Intelligence should be accessible to the general public and represent a digital common good.

We democratize medical artificial intelligence


We think a flourishing economy should be based on openness and collaboration, and not on closed medical knowledge and exploitation. We foster open innovation for the medical industry and work against the monopolization and privatization of life-saving knowledge.

A sustainable economy based on health equity


We’re only able to defeat global inequalities in healthcare, if we unite our data and create data and AI commons.

Unite data.

Defeat Inequalities


Data sets are the raw material for all forms of machine learning. We think open is not enough. Only AI commons* are the raw material for all machine learning forms that serve the common good.

We build medical

AI commons


To create access to good health care for all citizens, we put patients and citizens in the center of our actions. We only can shape our future together and our society has to lead the way. Visit our latest campaign viktoriaonezero.org

Of the patients,

for the patients


To increase the availability of inclusive and comprehensive high-quality data commons, we partner with leading clinical researchers and organizations.

Clinical excellence
for all




Bart de Witte is one of the most influential forward thinkers of the digital health era. After a 20 year long career in global Tech companies such as SAP and IBM, he felt that the democratization of medical AI could only be driven out of a non-profit. Hence he founded the HIPPO AI Foundation. With this foundation, he wants to open the barriers between different possibilities and preferences for an more ideal future with greater social benefits in a sustainable eco-system.


Bart de Witte


Chief Patient Officer

Viktoria Prantauer

Viktoria kicked off HIPPO AI's initial campaign as she provided Hippo AI Foundation with the first set of data, using pathology imagery from her breast cancer diagnosis. Viktoria is a communications and business development specialist with deep expertise in building startups and communities from the scratch. She has a master's degree in digital marketing and has honed her skills in product management.


We started our humanitarian mission to create artificial medical intelligence as a common good. To achieve this goal, we need your support and are incredibly grateful to all our supporters that believe in our mission. You can support us with a monetary donation via direct debit/transfer, with details below. Every donation counts. Building data commons for medical AI are made possible by your donations.

Thank you for your support! #UniteDataDefeatInequalities

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