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Our Purpose

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The Hippo AI Foundation is an altruistic data trustee and open-source AI accelerator. We unify, cleanse, and de-identify data from individual and institutional data donations. This means making data available without reward for open-source usage that benefits communities or society at large, such as the use of breast-cancer data to improve global access to breast cancer diagnostics.



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Our Aspired Impact

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Social Impact

We are maximising the positive social impact of the application of AI in healthcare by de-economising data and leveraging its social value, reinventing the European social market economy by believing in economic growth and prosperity for all. Global data and AI commons will improve health service coverage and health outcomes and consequently increase universal access to healthcare. De-economising data and AI in healthcare to protect the fundamental right on human dignity, human life, integrity, education, equality and healthcare.

Academic Impact

Because the bedrock of medical science is trust, we ensure the reproducibility of research approaches and enable peer review through open and transparent AI. Also, we are advancing citizen science initiatives and levelling the field for researchers in developing countries with open access to data and AI. By facilitating research collaboration with greater openness, we help to avoid redundant efforts.

Economic Impact

We're accelerating the development of artificial intelligence for startups and small and medium-sized enterprises by creating digital commons and pre-trained AI models for the healthcare sector. Data and AI commons will lead to reduced R&D costs, which will benefit society greatly. We are establishing transparent and open AI as an industry standard, resulting in greater trust and faster adoption.

Our Agenda

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We run patient-driven projects

We facilitate the development of AI commons

We collect data donations

We foster an open-source community

We unite and liberate data

We enable open-innovation projects

Our Approach

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Patient-Driven Projects

Start a Project

Enable patients to become innovators and active drivers of change. We partner with a patient that has suffered from a specific disease, who leads our campaign.

Academic Partnership

Together with the Academia, we bring together the various data sources, anonymise, clean, and label the data to make it available as data commons.

Partner with us

We are conducting open innovation challenges with industry partners to build AI commons. We also offer open innovation workshops for the industry.

Innovate with us

Open Innovation

Work with us

We collaborate and incentivise the machine learning community to establish best in class pre-trained AI models.

Pre-Trained Reference AI Models

Humans Empowered

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Support our first patient-driven initiative. Viktoria 1.0 aims to make the diagnosis Viktoria was able to receive available to all women worldwide, with open Artificial Intelligence. We need your help to make it happen!


Patients lead the way

AI of the people, for the people and by the people

In this video, Ekram Mohammed explains why it's so important to access high-quality and inclusive datasets for countries like Ethiopia and every other country in the world. Access to medical data and medical AI empowers people and companies to build their solutions based on local needs.

Team & Initial Advisory Board

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Bart de Witte

Bart de Witte is one of the most influential forward thinkers of the digital health era. After a 20 year long career in global Tech companies such as SAP and IBM, he felt that the democratization of medical AI could only be driven out of a non-profit. Hence he founded the HIPPO AI Foundation. With this foundation, he wants to open the barriers between different possibilities and preferences for an more ideal future with greater social benefits in a sustainable ecosystem.

Chief Patient Officer
Viktoria Prantauer

Viktoria is the world's first breast cancer patient who has set her heart on providing everyone with access to the same level of care she received. To realise her vision, she collaborated with the young Hippo AI Foundation, to launch viktoriaonezero.org, which aims to become the largest and most comprehensive open data set on breast cancer pathology. The intense collaboration led her to join the Hippo AI Foundation as a co-founder. Viktoria is a communications and business development specialist with deep expertise in building startups and communities from scratch.

Prof. Nick Couldry

Professor of Media, Communications and Social Theory, London School Economics

A.Prof. Matthew Lungren

Co-Director Stanford Center for AI in Medicine and Imaging Associate Professor

Dominic Faber

Managing Partner KKA PartnersVenture Partner Early Bird Ventures

Prof. Dr. Dominik Michels

Assistant Professor for AI at KAUST Stanford, Max Plank

What they say about us

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We started our humanitarian mission to create artificial medical intelligence as a common good. To achieve this goal, we need your support and are incredibly grateful to all our supporters that believe in our mission. You can support us with a monetary donation via direct debit/transfer, with details below. Every donation counts. Building data commons for medical AI are made possible by your donations.

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Further information on the use of personal data can be found under data protection.

The problems we tackle

Data is a commodity

Access to capital defines who has access to the largest data pools. Data in healthcare is human life and should not be capitalised on.

Access to hardware and a large qualitative exclusive data pools is becoming a key differentiator for training AI models.

Advantage for Big Tech

The most powerful models lead to the largest application - application leads to new data with every transaction.

The winner takes it all

Consolidation through mergers and acquisitions,
as well as direct data acquisition from providers.

Mono- and Oligopoly

AI in healthcare can only be trusted if the AI model and the data are open for peer reviewing.

"Trustworthy" AI

Data monetisation and closed AI lead to an unequal relationship between large private organisations & individuals.

Information Asymmetries that lead to Power Asymmetries

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